1.What is a inverter?
To start up and use electrical equipment, it is usually required to supply an AC voltage source. There are times when the city electricity is not available and only a DC voltage source with specific specifications is available. In this situation, we need a device that can create an AC source from this DC source and meet our needs. This device is called (inverter).

2. What is the difference between the off grid and the on grid?
The on-grid inverted power connects to the city’s power supply and injects the energy generated from sunlight directly into the city’s electricity supply, and does not need to store energy that will not be used in this kind of inverter. An inverter is connected to the network in places where urban electricity is available, but an off-grid inverters are usually used in a non-grid-based solar system. Solar systems that are separate from the grid for places with electricity There is no urban design and implementation. When we use an inverter independent of the grid, we need to charge the solar controller and the battery for energy storage.

What are 3 types of inverters?
Pure sinusoid inverter
Modified Sinewave Inverter
What is the difference between a 4-inverter and a pure sinewave with a modified square inverter?
A pure sinusoidal inverter can be used effectively for all home appliances. The pure sinusoidal inverter has longer shelf life and keeps the home appliances safe. On the other hand, the modified sinewave inverter is cheaper and more commonly used in homes. But they have a major concern that they may not be compatible with any home appliance. These inverters may cause additional heat in some home appliances to reduce their life and reliability. Also, the modified sinusoidal inverter produces more noise, which may result in inappropriate functioning of home appliances.

5. How can I measure the output waveform of the inverter?
(THD) (total harmonic distortion)

This parameter is a qualitative parameter, indicating how close a waveform or signal is to a sinusoidal wave. The THD is expressed as a percentage, and the lower the THD is, the better the sinusoidal waveform. For example, consider a violinist; as much as a person can play a sheet smooth, noiseless, or without disturbing sounds, then we can say that he produced a signal with less harmonic distortion.

6. Can all household appliances be turned on with an off-grid inverter?

7. What are the advantages of an OPTO inverter than other inverters?
Pure sinusoidal waveform
Inverse Inverse Polarization Protection
Smart Fan Control
Functional storage function information
Inverter power
Built In Test
Auto Recovery feature
19-inch rackmount standard case
8. Is the OPTO inverter warranty?

9. What parameters should be considered in selecting the inverter?
Step One: Determine what you need

Step 2: Determine the capacity of the inverter independent of the network

10. What is the harmonic effect on the inverter output on different electrical devices?
The effect of harmonic distortion on resistive loads: such as electric heaters and incandescent bulbs, there is no problem for this category of consumers.
The effect of harmonic distortion on Salafi loads: Any consumer using a coil, such as a fan and all types of AC motors, and pumps and ferrous ferrous … These harmonics cause them to warm up and cause damage to the copper wire lacquer, as well Causes abnormal vibration in wires and loosens the windings …
The effect of harmonic distortion on capacitive loads: Any means used in the AC capacitor is used, these harmonics affect the capacitor plates and destroy them in the long run ….
Consumers can have two or three top positions, for example, both Salafi and the worm … (combined loads)
Also, harmonic distortion affects semiconductors such as diode and destroy them in the long run …

11. What is the problem with off-grid inverters with motorized loads such as the refrigerator engine?
Every consumer who uses the coil, such as a fan and all kinds of AC motors, and pumps and ferrous ferrous … These harmonics cause them to warm up and cause damage to the copper wire lacquer, as well as abnormal vibration in the wires and Loosen the windings …