Pure sinwave Inverter

Features of the Pure sinwave Inverter:
Solar Inverter with complete sine waveform with THD less than 3%

19 inch standard case

RS485 communication port

Input protection: Reduce / increase output voltage, Inverse reverse polarity

Output protection: overload, short circuit, added temperature

Fan Failure Alarms

Features of inverter manufacturing in OPTO company

Independent network inverter

This device has a DC (220V, 48.24, 12V) AC to 220 V 50 Hz (equivalent to City Power). An independent network inverter means that when it’s not eager to access the city’s power grid, it can be used to power the solar panel or battery to power the city. Independent Solar Inverter from the OPTO Network is a knowledge-based product of the Power Processing Horizon, designed and developed with the utmost native knowledge of the company. Here are some of the features of the inverter.

Pure sinusoidal waveform
One of the most important parameters to consider when choosing an inverter is the inverter’s output waveform. In general, inverters have three types of output waveforms, including a square wave inverter, a modified sinusoidal inverter, and a pure sinusoidal inverter. The difference in these three types of waveforms can be read here. Independent of the OPTO network, the inverter is a pure sinusoidal inverter, which is the best inverter type. The quality of the inverter output waveform is measured with a parameter called THD. This parameter is a qualitative parameter, indicating how close a waveform or signal is to a sinusoidal wave. The THD is expressed as a percentage, and the lower the THD is, the better the sinusoidal waveform. This parameter for the OPTO inverter in all operating modes is less than 3%.

Inverse Inverse Polarization Protection
A very important protection feature for inverter protection against voltage connection to inverter inverter with reverse polarity. In the inverter, other brands will be damaged in the event of a battery pack with reverse polarity or a generally inverters damaged, which is not covered by warranty, or that the inverter’s internal fuse is damaged, which is a time consuming and costly replacement. In the OPTO inverter, the inverter does not damage the inverter’s inverter when it comes with a reverse connection, and the user only realizes that the inverted polarity is reversed by turning on a red LED.

Smart Fan Control
An important feature of the OPTO inverter is that its fan is intelligently powered up only when the fan needs cooling. The constant temperature of the heatsink, the air inside the inverter and the inverter load are controlled, and the fan lights up if needed. This causes the fan to slow down and therefore increases its useful life. Another important feature of the OPTO inverter is that the fans are monitored permanently, and if a fan suffers from a problem, showing the screen alarms informs the user about how to replace the damaged fan. It should be noted that one of the most frequently damaged power supply scenarios is that the fan is damaged and due to the high temperature it will damage the inverter after a while, which is completely eliminated by the constant monitor of the fans in the OPTO inverter.

Functional storage function information
One of the unique features of the OPTO inverter is the ability to store performance for several years. In this way, during the entire time the inverter is switched on, the inverter’s main parameters include input voltage, output voltage, output current, heat sink temperature, occurrence errors, switch-on time and kilowatt hours. The inverter’s operation is stored in an SD card and in each Time has access to stored information through the display or communication port. This information can be used to determine the load profile in different applications or the reasons for the failure of the inverter.

Inverter power
One of the common problems of inverters is to set up loads such as a refrigerator motor. In general, induction electric motors have a current-flow problem and, when switched on, in the first few cycles, a current equivalent to several times the rated current. When such loads are connected to the inverter output, the high commissioning current activates the inverter’s over-current protection and interrupts the output. This makes the inverter less capable than the inverter’s engine, but because of the engine startup current, the inverter can not turn on the engine. To solve this problem, the OPTO inverter has the ability to supply 1.5 times the rated power in 2 seconds so that it can easily load loads like the refrigerator engine.

Built In Test
This means that when the inverter is turned on, in the first few seconds, first check all the different sections of the inverter (including the input section, the output section, the measuring and feedback circuits, the protection circuits, and the fans), and if all sections are healthy The inverter output connects to the load. This feature makes it possible that the part of the damaged inverter will not be applied to the load at or below the rated voltage of 220 V for any reason, and will not be damaged.

Auto Recovery feature
If an error occurs at the input or load voltage and the inverter’s control system interrupts the output error detection, it automatically re-energizes after several seconds and checks the error. If the fault is resolved, the inverter will continue to operate without problems.

19″ standard rackmount case
An independent OPTO network solar inverter is designed and built in a standard 19 “2U case, which makes it easy to install and maintain.

Off-Grid Inverters Difference:
The on-grid inverted power connects to the city’s power supply and injects the energy generated from sunlight directly into the city’s electricity supply, and does not need to store energy that will not be used in this type of inverter.

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